Greyson Gray: Camp Legend

Greyson Gray Camp LegendB.C. Tweedt writes extremely relatable characters and you’ll want to take a journey with them from page one.

Main character Greyson Gray and his new camp friends get caught up in a terrorist’s plan and risk their lives to stop it and save many lives. The book is full of action, sport, romance and hilarious banter. Tweedt sneaks in very funny wordplay and puns and takes full advantage of Greyson Gray’s already great name.

I whipped through this in a day or two, and your middle-grader will probably finish even quicker.

Grab it here!

The Time Hunters

The Time HuntersCarl Ashmore’s funny and relatable characters take you on a tour through the ages, complete with mythical creatures and a chilling antagonist.

Want to immerse yourself in our world’s fascinating history while being taken on a wild adventure? If that sounds good, then The Time Hunters is for you.

Available on Kindle and paperback here.



What an adventure!  Follow Lily, her pet fox and her new friend Robert through their their mechanical-filled world as they try to escape, then fight some evil people after a deadly secret.

Peter Bunzl’s alternative world is fascinating and delightful, as are the many entertaining characters.  Malkin the fox is definitely my favourite.  I want him!

I can’t wait to check out the second in the series.  Get Cogheart here.

Running on the roof of the world

Running on the roof of the worldRunning on the roof of the world opened my eyes to the tribulations suffered by Tibetans in Chinese-occupied Tibet.  This lovely, but danger-ridden story follows Tash and her best friend Sam as they trek through the Himalayas to India.

Jess Butterworth creates fantastic imagery and easy to read chapters that will have you whipping through the pages.

Running on the roof of the world is only 99p at the moment.  Get it here.

Howl’s moving castle

Howl's moving castleHow had I not read this book before?

Diana Wynne Jones draws you into the world of Ingary from the first page as the artful worldbuilding gives you taste of the magic but lets your mind create the rest.  Sophie is a loveable and practical main character who you want to succeed and meets many charming (and not-so-charming!) characters throughout the story.

Once you’ve read the book, treat yourself to the very cute and very funny movie by amazing Studio Ghibli.  Hayao Miyazaki’s take is slightly different to the book, but doesn’t ruin the original.  It’s fun to watch the movie and spot the differences.

Once you read this book, you’ll want to read it again immediately.  Get it here.